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Report of the year 2003
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Under the rule of the Carnival Committee and Guy Albert a certified carnival enthusiast and dyed-in-the-wool 'occitan' , the cultural circle organizes the carnival each year, at the beginning of May, competition permitting. as every village in the Limoux area, steeped in the Limoux carnival tradition has adopted the traditional celebration of carnival.

Marching band music performed by the famed " Tonton a faim (Uncle is hungry) " group, who made the millers dance around the Republic Square is the rule, confetti fly, 'carabenes' sticks twirl and and people raise imploring arms at Carnival. Plenty of 'blanquette' and 'muscatel' quench the thirst of 'fecos' (dancers) sweating under their costumes.

One of the peculiarities of our carnival is that it is centred around a theme announced well in advance in the local press. First, mysteriously, but, in time more and more clues give away the hoax. This allows each participant to choose and prepare their costumes. Themes are always chosen among the landmarks of local life.The biggest care is taken in the choice of the king's name. Each year, one wonders if there will be enough subject-matter, for as successful a carnival as before and each year, the gathering of news items is plentiful up to the last days before the deadline. A selection is then necessary for the trial.


The celebration always begins by one meal traditionally consisting of the Fricassee of Chauvet. The desserts and the cheeses are always a sore point leading to squabbles among the committee members, maybe more so than the actual choice of the year's theme.

At 9 p.m., everybody makes off to put on costumes and masks and at about 10 p.m. the tour of the 'fecos' can begin in the streets of the old village. After some pub crawling ( six stops altogether ), everyone meets in the local community hall at midnight.


The long-awaited moment of the trial can take place, read out loud, half in French, half in 'Occitan' ( the local dialect ). Then the local life is alluded to using farce and mockery.

Then on the village square, to the tune of 'Adiu's paure carnival' ( 'Goodbye, poor carnival' ) the bonfire is lit, the favourite moment for the children still up in spite of the late hour.

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